Bayraktar Update


Lithuanian activist Andrius Tapinas and Laisvės TV (Freedom TV) launched a crowdfunding campaign to aid Ukraine in May of this year. It bears repeating and congratulating the people of Lithuania who raised the amazing amount of 5.9 million euros in three days to buy a Bayraktar military drone for Ukraine. Inspired by the initiative, the Turkish manufacturer gifted the drone “Vanagas” (Hawk) to Lithuania. The drone arrived in Lithuania on July 4 and was presented to the public in the Šiauliai Air Base on July 6, Statehood Day or King Mindaugas Coronation Day in the country, and was later delivered to Ukraine.

Last week Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas confirmed that the “Hawk” continues to perform missions in the Ukrainian steppes. The cost of weaponizing the drone was 1.5 million euros, and the remaining 4.4 million will be allocated for further defense, humanitarian and restoration expenses in Ukraine.

Note: Laisvės TV is available online ( via YouTube) in Lithuanian –  “More than TV” – political satire, social activism and information

Andrius Tapinas