Aušra Sports Club Celebrates Lithuanian Heritage Day


November 7th Lithuanian Heritage Day with Aušra Sports Club and Toronto FC  was great success.

200 portions of food were sold at the Lithuanian House as a pre-game event for the TFC Lithuanian Heritage Night.  In fact, the food was all sold out – so it was wonderful. The decorations were wonderful. The music was wonderful. The Lithuanian jelly was wonderful.  The Ausra SC prizes were wonderful. Overall, a wonderful day. Congratulations! Ausra SC is so grateful to Vytas Gataveckas for lighting up Facebook on pre and post TFC events. The TFC posted a sign before the game which read “Ausra SC and TFC organizes Lithuanian Heritage Night” sign. There were 100 Lithuanian fans – ranged from 5 (Ruta and Beatrix) to 80 (Vida) years old. Members from each of the Ausra SC team was represented – most of the 20 volunteer coaches were present.

Take care and Ausra SC look forward to working with Chrysa next spring to organize another TFC

Ona Stanevičiūtė- MIlls