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For the first time in history, citizens living abroad may vote for their own representative in Lithuania’s parliament. Vote for your candidate in the newly designated constituency for the Lithuanian diaspora

Voter registration for the parliamentary elections to be held on October 11, 2020 began on July 1 of this year. The Central Electoral Commission invites you to register if you are a Lithuanian having the right to vote and living abroad permanently, or visiting other countries at election time.

Voters may cast their ballots in Lithuania or at a Lithuanian Embassy or Consular office, or vote by mail. All voters, wishing to vote outside Lithuania, must complete a registration form, whether they are already on a voters list for the last election or referendum, or voting in the diaspora for the first time.

In consideration of the fact that some Embassies or Consular offices may be closed due to COVID-19, voting in those offices may not take place. Therefore it is recommended that those wishing to vote outside of Lithuania register to vote by mail. Registration forms must be completed using Lithuanian lettering, that is, their names and surnames must be written just as they appear on their passports or Lithuanian identity cards. Citizens voting from abroad will vote in the single-candidate constituency for Lithuanians in the diaspora.

Voters may go to the Central Electoral Commission website to register. Once registered, they will be on the list for the appropriate Lithuanian Embassy or Consular Office.

To register in the system, you must confirm your identity by entering your name, surname, your National ID code and the number on the confirmation document you are using.

The registration form must show the voter’s current country of residence and address. On the form the voter will choose how to vote: by mail, in person at an Embassy or Consular Office or at a voting poll. If voters wish to vote by mail, they must provide their permanent or temporary address and contact information.

Once again, voting by mail is recommended due to possible closures dictated by the pandemic.

The Central Electoral Commission emphasizes that all voters outside of Lithuania must register, even if they were on the lists before and have voted in previous elections or referendums. Registration is essential for voting in the new voting district for the diaspora, which was established to accommodate the high number of voters who cast their votes in the last election.

As soon as the starting date for electronic registration for Lithuanian citizens wishing to vote in the elections was announced, the Central Electoral Commission received applications from 500 registrants during the first few hours. The first voter to register lives in the United Kingdom.

Central Electoral Commission

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