A New Exhibition of Crosses

Ethnocultural Centre in Klaipėda displays iconic Lithuanian crosses

Virgilijus Mikuckis

On October 22  the Ethnocultural Centre of Klaipėda opens an exhibition of metalwork crosses “Iron Suns” by artisan Virgilijus Mikuckis. The blacksmith has a unique role in the myths and folklore of many cultures. In Baltic mythology, he had special powers, hammering out a sun and throwing it into the heavens to illuminate and warm the Earth.

Mikuckis says his exhibition is named with this aspect in mind. Before creating a cross, he draws a basic design, having determined exactly where the cross would stand and what the features of its environment may be. He tends to use traditional metalworking techniques, but also employs modern technology.

Born in 1967, V. Mikuckis graduated from Telšiai Institute of Applied Art, specializing in smithery, and worked with metalwork artist Algirdas Stankus in his studio from 1992 to 2005. Since 1993 he has been a member of the Folk Artists’ Association of Lithuania, and joined the Blacksmiths Association of Lithuania in 2006. He is a frequent participant and organizer at international blacksmithing festivals in Mažeikiai, and international workshops across Lithuania.  He has won several Lithuanian awards, and his work has been purchased by Finnish, Irish, Norwegian, German and American buyers.

Mikuckis creates crosses, chandeliers, lamps, candelabra and various metal objects, exhibiting his work at various exhibitions, festivals and symposia in Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Finland and Ukraine. Visit http://www.msmithery.com/ to see a fascinating collection of his creations.

Information from Alkas.lt