A New Campaign for Ukraine


On January 30, Lithuanian Radio and Television reminded us that a year ago, we were all shaken by the news that a war broke out in Ukraine. A war that not only has affected Ukrainians, but also changed lives in all of Europe. It has also been a time of extraordinary unity, and as we approach the anniversary of the war, LRT, along with Blue/Yellow, Laisvės TV, 1K Fondas and Stiprūs Kartu, are launching the biggest campaign in support of Ukraine, called Let’s Radar/Radarom! (The Lithuanian Radarom word means “for radar”, and, blended with the word “darom”, which means let’s do it, literally means “let’s radar” in English).

The campaign, which runs from January 30 to February 24, is inviting donations for one cause – air surveillance radars to protect Ukraine’s skies and to react faster and more accurately to enemy attacks. “Radars are there to monitor the airspace. These new radars from Israel are unique in that they can detect all types, sizes, and speeds of objects moving in the sky. Conventional radars are not designed to track small and low-flying objects. Russian missiles and drones pose a lethal threat to Ukrainian defenders and civilians. These radars will go a long way in preventing Russian death squads,” says John Ohman, founder of Blue/Yellow.

Edmundas Jakilaitis, Jonas Ohman, Oleg Šurajev, Andrius Tapinas / D. Umbrasas, E. Blaževič/LRT

The Let’s Radar! campaign expects to raise 5 million euros to buy radars for Ukraine. The first advanced surveillance equipment is expected to reach Ukraine at the start of the campaign. Anyone wishing to contribute to the biggest campaign for war-torn Ukraine can do so by calling 1482 for a donation of 5 euros. You can also make a donation by visiting the special website radarom.lt, where you can make a bank transfer.

“We have already proven that we can not only welcome those in need, but even help them to purchase security equipment such as the Bayraktar military drone. So we invite you to unite once again and help Ukraine protect itself from the enemy’s infrastructure-destroying attacks and to win the fight for our all freedom,” says Andrius Tapinas, founder of the online television channel Laisvės TV, and host of the programme.

“Let’s make this year the year the war in Ukraine ends. Every donation is important. One, two, three, four euros – everything works for the common victory. Every civilian counts. Every soldier matters. Every euro matters. We are doing our best,” says Oleg Šurajev, the head of the 1K Fondas.

Business organizations are invited to actively join the campaign, and some already have. LRT and the organizations providing aid to Ukraine are grateful for the support of businesses, and a special page on radarom.lt lists all the contributors.

“A nation at war does not get tired, so why should we? As President Volodymyr Zelensky said to me, if you feel tired, think of the soldiers at the front and the innocent Ukrainians who are dying. This initiative will help protect the Ukrainian people from Russian terror, so everyone’s contribution is very important. I know that the people of our country will continue their mission of aid until victory. I particularly invite the Lithuanian business community to join in and show that freedom is the most important value. Let’s help freedom prevail,” says Edmundas Jakilaitis, the initiator of the campaign Stiprūs Kartu.

Everyone is invited to join Let’s Radar/Radarom! by donating and spreading the message. For more information and to download materials prepared especially for the campaign, which can be used on social networks, please visit radarom.lt.

The campaign will run for four weeks and will culminate in a special broadcast on LRT TV, LRT RADIO and LRT.lt throughout February 24. That evening, LRT TV will broadcast a final concert to support Ukraine. Donations can be made at radarom.lt and by calling 1482 (EUR 5) (in Lithuania).

Our Canadian website, tevzib.com, will update all information for contributors in the diaspora as soon as it is available.